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Jon Anscher Photography

I live in the Greater Seattle area and though I'm a West Coaster at heart, I will always have a soft spot for New York City. I love spending my summers in the mountains of Washington with a camera in hand.

About the Photographer

I found my first inspiration in the field of photography when I was 14. My grandmother took my younger brother and I on a two-week tour of Turkey. I was inspired by the ancient ruins and desert landscape that we encountered on our journey from Ankara, down the to Turkish coast, and back around up to Istanbul. With my little Olympus 35mm point and shoot, I was inspired by the lines and shadows created by the Greek and Roman ruins we explored. It was at that moment that photography became my passion. Using the point and shoot and my father’s Canon AE-1, I began experimenting more with photography both on my own time, and in photography classes at school. Later, I purchased my first Single Lens Reflex, a Canon Rebel G, which I wore into the dirt before entering the Digital Age.

About the Mission

My mission as a photographer is to take shots that inspire and awe. I am constantly blown away by the amazing sights I’ve seen in both the front country and the wilderness. Many of those sights can never be captured on film the way they are in real life, but whenever I can, I try to capture the essence of that natural beauty. When it comes to pictures of people and animals, I’m always looking for the story. The genuine, authentic face or look or posture that makes us laugh, cry, or say “awwww….” But above all, I’m dedicated to adding beauty and wonder to our world.

A Little About Gear

Every photographer has their own style and set of gear. As I learned and grew into my own photography, I learned a lot from seeing what other people used and did. I primarily use my Canon 7D or SL1. They both take great photos, but the 7D has features that make it easier to change settings on the go and has better components for taking action shots. I also have an EOS-M for times I need to pack very light. Indoors, I use a Canon 17-55 f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/4L. Outdoors I use a Canon 15-85mm and the 70-300mm L. I also have a Canon 50mm f/1.4 for some of my creative Aperture work. To get my shots, I use a variety of filters including Polarizers, Neutral Density, and a Graduated Neutral Density. Even on extended backpacking trips, I am regularly carrying 8 pound of camera equipment in a modified chest pack that attaches to my backpack. On day trips, I travel with a Lowepro Photo Sport 200. And in the city, I’m either carrying my Ona Brixton or a regular day bag with my Crumpler Haven.

A Little About Technique

How I shoot depends a lot on what I’m shooting, but there are several trends that I tend to take in my photography. Even on sunny days, I like to shoot in a lower temperature white balance. I find this brings in a warmer feel to the photos and brings out, more brilliantly, the colors that I see. My waterfall shots require stability and a slow shutter speed. On most backpacking trips, I bring a gorilla pod. This saves on weight and allows me to stabilize my camera on a rock in the middle of a roaring stream. I also carry several ND filters to help reduce the light coming in and slow the shutter speed more. This is critical on sunny days.